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From Lewis John Mcgibbney <lewis.mcgibb...@gmail.com>
Subject When to Stop Nesting?
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2014 17:11:10 GMT
Hi Folks,
I am currently modeling a chain of data structures which reference the next
This is as follows
Product [0]
   ProductType [1]
       Metadata [2]
         .... more nesting

The nesting does stop shortly after Metadata, however I am seeking advice
as to when nesting should stop?
In this case, Metadata is a multivalued metadata container... essentially a
I would quite like to keep the existing Metadata implementation, but then I
cannot reference this in my Avro Schema. I always need to model it, is this
If this is the case how do I go about adding the expressiveness of the
following methods in my AVSC?

public void addMetadata(String group, Metadata metadata) {

public void addMetadata(String key, String value) {

public void addMetadata(Hashtable<String, Object> metadata) {

As always, thank you guys very much for any direction.

BTW, Doug, if you are there and read this, I'm currently baking up an
implementation for pre-defined types within the execution of the
GoraCompiler. Thanks for the previous pointer on this one.




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