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From java8964 <java8...@hotmail.com>
Subject Is this a problem of avro-maven-plugin
Date Tue, 07 Oct 2014 19:32:43 GMT
Don't know since when, the avro-maven-plugin cannot compile the Java code generated from the
avro.avsc file any more.
Here is my pom.xml file with the avro-maven-plugin:
            <plugin>                <groupId>org.apache.avro</groupId> 
              <artifactId>avro-maven-plugin</artifactId>                <version>1.7.4</version>
               <executions>                    <execution>                   
    <phase>generate-sources</phase>                        <goals>     
                      <goal>schema</goal>                        </goals>
                       <configuration>                            <sourceDirectory>${project.basedir}/src/main/resources/</sourceDirectory>
                       </configuration>                    </execution>      
         </executions>            </plugin>
But suddenly, I got a lot of maven COMPILATION ERROR, and the error message is about:
[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:2.3.2:compile
(default-compile) on project: Compilation failure: Compilation failure:[ERROR] /home/xxx/src/main/java/com/xxx/avro/schema/emailcontent1/EmailContent.java:[195,41]
incompatible types[ERROR] found   : java.lang.Object[ERROR] required: java.lang.Long
All the error messages point to the Java class generated from the avro.asvc file. 
I tried version from 1.7.2 to 1.7.7 (This is the latest available from the Maven repository),
all have the same errors.
But I can manually compile the java class using the old "javac" way, without any problem.
Like following, if I use the Avro 1.7.4 version
javac -cp /home/.m2/repository/org/apache/avro/avro/1.7.4/avro-1.7.4.jar:/home/.m2/repository/org/codehaus/jackson/jackson-core-asl/1.8.8/jackson-core-asl-1.8.8.jar
-d ../../../target/classes/ com/xxx/avro/schema/emailcontent1/EmailContent.java
Right now, I have to only use "mvn package", without do the "mvn clean ....". If I do a mvn
clean, it will clean the java class, and then the maven will try to recompile the EmailContent.java,
I don't think this is an issue on my environment. I got the above error on my Mac, then I
get the source code in another Linux desktop, and get the same error in the "mvn clean package".
This is a very frustrated error. Does any one else also face it recently?
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