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From Walter Di Carlo <wal...@di-carlo.it>
Subject What's the best way to expose a set of c structs into lua interpreter
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2014 00:20:52 GMT
Hi all,

sorry if I disturb you with such a broad question.

I have successfully done some tests to expose some c data into the lua
environment, but, now, I am trying to customize the processing chain and I
have not found any relevant documentation about how to customize it in the
right way.

I have a set of structs (without pointers, but with sub-structs)
representing messages that I want to expose in the lua interpreter through
lua-avro-c binding framework.

I have already create a lua script to create the avro schema from the h
files. Now, I would like to convert the messages into avro values. So, here
are my questions:

1) Is it possible to convert c structs into avro values without generating
scanfolding c code to copy values from the c struct to the avro value?
2) can it be done in the other way around, i.e. from avro value to c struct?
3) is there any example of how to expose such c data into the lua

Any hints would be useful.

Thank you for your attention and



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