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From Ryan Tabora <ratab...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: MapReduce: Using Avro Input/Output Formats without Specifying a schema
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 13:46:41 GMT
Thanks Rao, I understand how I could do it if I had a single schema across all input data.
However, my question is if my input data will vary and one input could have a different schema
from another.

My idea would be to use something like MultipleOutputs or partitioning to split up the output
data by unique schema. 

I guess the question still stands, does anyone have any recommendations for dynamically generating
the schema using Avro output formats?

Ryan Tabora

On April 29, 2014 at 11:41:51 PM, Fengyun RAO (raofengyun@gmail.com) wrote:

take MapReduce for example, which requires Runner, Mapper, Reducer

the Mapper requires outputting a single Type (or a single Avro schema). 

If you have a set of CSV files with different schemas, what output type would you expect?

If all the CSV files share the same schema, you could dynamically create the schema in the
Runner before submitting a MR job.
If you look into the Schema.java, you would find create(), createRecord(), etc. APIs.
you could simply read one CSV file head, and create the schema using these APIs.
    AvroJob.setMapOutputKeySchema(job, Schema.create(Schema.Type.STRING));
creates a schema with only a String field.

2014-04-30 4:56 GMT+08:00 Ryan Tabora <ratabora@gmail.com>:
Hi all,

Whether you’re using Hive or MapReduce, avro input/output formats require you to specify
a schema at the beginning of the job or the table definition in order to work with them. Is
there any way to configure the jobs in a way that the input/output formats can dynamically
determine the schema from the data itself?

Think about a job like this. I have a set of CSV files that I want to serialize into avro
files. These CSV files are self describing and each CSV file has a unique schema. If I want
to write a job that scans over all of this data and serialize it into avro I can’t do that
with today’s tools (as far as I know). If I can’t specify the schema up front, what can
I do? Am I forced to write my own avro input/output formats?

The avro schema is stored within the avro data file itself, why can’t these input/output
formats be smart enough to figure that out? Am I fundamentally doing something against the
principles of the avro format? I would be surprised if no one has run into this issue before.

Ryan Tabora

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