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From "Pritchard, Charles X. -ND" <Charles.X.Pritchard....@disney.com>
Subject Handling field names when serializing and deserializing JSON
Date Tue, 14 Jan 2014 22:06:47 GMT
This came up in the context of using Hive: how should I handle mapping “original” to “safe”
field names?

Currently, a non-alphanumeric field name in Avro leads to an error when using it with Hive.
That’s fine, but while researching that, I saw that this is a generally unresolved issue.

The field name with Avro implementations is almost-always processed as UTF-8. That keeps it
in parity with JSON, which is nice.
But, there was talk about possibly restricting it to alphanumeric [w/ underscore perhaps].
Apologies, I don’t have the bug numbers

Looks like we have aliases:

Do I just pop the “original” field name in as an alias and use the “safe” (alphanumeric+underscore)
one as the primary name?


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