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From michaƂ <michal.one1...@gmail.com>
Subject IDL protocol to programmatic API schema
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2013 10:58:39 GMT
I want to declare an Client-Server (at the moment there are two ways 
mentions on Avro site |NettyServer| or |HTTPServer|) app using Avro. For 
that I want to define protocol using IDL files. Only thing I type in 
file is IDL protocol AVDL.

*1. Now how do I read the AVDL into programmatic model?*

I found the IDLProtocolMojo 

but all methods protected so no access. I know that I can use 
|SchemaBuilder| bu it is for defining schema in code and I want to get 
the |Schema| object read from AVDL definition written in hand.

I do NOT really want to use |Avro Tools| because I want the program to 
do it all in code no outer commands.

*2. Can simmilar thing be done also with protocol definition displayd in 
JSON in AVPR instead of IDL in AVDL?*

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