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From Eric Wasserman <ewasser...@247-inc.com>
Subject RE: Deserialize the attributes data using another schema give me wrong results
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 00:30:39 GMT
Short answer. Use this constructor instead:

 /** Construct given writer's and reader's schema. */

  public GenericDatumReader(Schema writer, Schema reader) {

Longer answer:

You have to give the GenericDatumReader the EXACT schema that wrote the bytes that you are
trying to parse ("writer's schema").
You can *also* give it another schema you'd like to use ("reader's schema") that can be different.

Try changing this line of your code:

GenericDatumReader<GenericRecord> r1 = new GenericDatumReader<GenericRecord>(schema1);

To this:

GenericDatumReader<GenericRecord> r1 = new GenericDatumReader<GenericRecord>(schema2,
schema1); // writer's schema is "schema2", reader's schema is "schema1"

From: Raihan Jamal <jamalraihan@gmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 5:10 PM
To: user@avro.apache.org
Subject: Deserialize the attributes data using another schema give me wrong results

I am trying to serialize one of our Attributes Daya using Apache Avro Schema. Here the attribute
name is `e7` and the schema that I am using to serialize it is `schema2.avsc` which is below.

     "namespace": "com.avro.test.AvroExperiment",
     "type": "record",
     "name": "DEMOGRAPHIC",
     "doc": "DEMOGRAPHIC data",
        "fields": [
            {"name": "dob", "type": "string"},
            {"name": "gndr",  "type": "string"},
            {"name": "occupation", "type": "string"},
    {"name": "mrtlStatus", "type": "string"},
    {"name": "numChldrn", "type": "int"},
    {"name": "estInc", "type": "string"},
    {"name": "schemaId", "type": "int"},
    {"name": "lmd", "type": "long"}

Below is the code that I am using to serialize the attribute `e7` using above avro `schema2.avsc`.
And I am able to serialize it properly and it works fine...
Schema schema = new Parser().parse((AvroExperiment.class.getResourceAsStream("/schema2.avsc")));
GenericRecord record = new GenericData.Record(schema);
record.put("dob", "161913600000");
record.put("gndr", "f");
record.put("occupation", "doctor");
record.put("mrtlStatus", "single");
record.put("numChldrn", 3);
record.put("estInc", "50000");
record.put("schemaId", 20001);
record.put("lmd", 1379814280254L);

GenericDatumWriter<GenericRecord> writer = new GenericDatumWriter<GenericRecord>(schema);
ByteArrayOutputStream os = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

Encoder e = EncoderFactory.get().binaryEncoder(os, null);

writer.write(record, e);
byte[] byteData = os.toByteArray();

Now, I tried deserializing the same `e7` attributes data using the same above avro schema
definition `schema2.avsc` and it also works fine, and I am able to deserialize it properly.
GenericDatumReader<GenericRecord> r = new GenericDatumReader<GenericRecord>(schema);
BinaryDecoder decoder = DecoderFactory.get().binaryDecoder(byteData, null);
GenericRecord result = r.read(null, decoder);


Now I thought, lets deserialize the same attributes data using another avro schema that I
have which is `schema1.avsc` and just extract only `schemaId` and `lmd` from that. Below is
the schema-

     "namespace": "com.avro.test.AvroExperiment",
     "type": "record",
     "name": "DEMOGRAPHIC",
     "doc": "DEMOGRAPHIC data",
        "fields": [
    {"name": "schemaId", "type": "int"},
    {"name": "lmd", "type": "long"}
* Deserialize the same byte data using another Avro Schema

Schema schema1 = new Parser().parse((AvroExperiment.class.getResourceAsStream("/schema1.avsc")));

GenericDatumReader<GenericRecord> r1 = new GenericDatumReader<GenericRecord>(schema1);
BinaryDecoder decoder1 = DecoderFactory.get().binaryDecoder(byteData, null);
GenericRecord result1 = r1.read(null, decoder1);

But somehow the above code prints out like this which is wrong... I am not sure what wrong
I did?

{"schemaId": 12, "lmd": -25}
It should be printing out like this....

    {"schemaId": 20001, "lmd": 1379814280254L}

Can anyone help me what wrong I did?

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