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From Anna Lahoud <annalah...@gmail.com>
Subject Mapreduce Strings from reader, when Avro is clearly Utf8
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2013 20:32:11 GMT
I am experiencing a problem and I found that another user wrote in about
this same issue in March 2013 but there were no replies to his question. I
am really hoping that there is someone who can explain this or offer
suggestions. I cut and paste his message in since I could only find it in
an archive.

I have Avro files that clearly contain Utf8 and if I run non-mapreduce, I
get Utf8 out. However, with the same files, I get String objects back from
the mapper. Help!?!?!

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Subject: String types in GenericRecord when using mapreduce vs mapred
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String types in GenericRecord when using mapreduce vs mapred

Depending on the version of the hadoop api I am using, I am getting
generic avro objects that use either Utf8 or java.lang.String to
represent avro strings...

The existing hadoop job which is defined using the old api
(mapred). This job works with Avro file and generic records.

The objects are records. One of their field is "Key", and its value is
a string.

In my mapper, I print the class of the value of the "Key" field for
debugging purposes:

private static class DiffMapper extends AvroMapper<GenericRecord,
Pair<Utf8, GenericRecord>>
    public void map(GenericRecord record, AvroCollector<Pair<Utf8,
GenericRecord>> collector, Reporter reporter)
       throws IOException
       rest of mapper code

This prints org.apache.avro.util.Utf8

After I ported my job to the new api (mapreduce, see code below), the
debug code
reports that the value is of type String.

private static class DiffMapper extends
Mapper<AvroKey<GenericData.Record>, NullWritable, Text,
    public void map(AvroKey<GenericData.Record> key, NullWritable value,
Context context)
       throws IOException, InterruptedException
       GenericData.Record record = key.datum();
       rest of mapper code

Is there a way to get the first behavior (String are UTF8) with the
mapreduce api? I am using 1.7.3 from maven central.

Thank you

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