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From Atin Sood <sooda...@outlook.com>
Subject Namespace issues when using schema with avdl file‏
Date Sat, 20 Apr 2013 15:14:34 GMT

I have a schema file like this

{"namespace" : "com.b2b.camel.endpoint",
         "type" : "record",
         "name" : "CamelEndpoint",
         "fields" : [
            {"name" : "id", "type" : "int"},
            {"name" : "desc", "type" : "string"},
            {"name" : "from", "type" : "string"},
            {"name" : "to", "type" : "string"}

and I want to use the same in the the avdl file where my protocol will be using it

@namespace ("com.b2b.camel.service")
protocol CamelEndpointDAOService{

    import schema "camelEndpoint.avsc";

    int persist(CamelEndpoint);
    CamelEndpoint fetch(int id);


Note that the camelEndpoint is in a different namespace compared to the CamelEndpointDAOService.

I am not sure how to make the avdl file look into the namespace of CamelEndpoint. I am importing
the schema but not sure how to get the namespace correctly. 

Atin Sood
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