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From Douglas Creager <doug...@creagertino.net>
Subject Re: How to set 'values' in a record
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2013 13:22:22 GMT
> As the example on the avro c website shows,
> Create datum for record
>  avro_datum_t person = avro_record(person_schema);
> Create Datun for a field
>  avro_datum_t id_datum = avro_int64(++id);
> Set the field value in the record
> avro_record_set(person, "ID", id_datum)
> With the above API being deprecated,

> How do I set avro_value_t in a record ?
> I tried searching for counterpart ofavro_value_get_by_name
> but could not find it

With the old datum API, you had to create a new datum instance for the
field's value, and then assign that field datum to the record datum
(just like you did).  With the value API, the record value is
responsible for creating and managing its fields.  So you use
avro_value_get_by_name to retrieve the field, regardless of whether
you're going to read from that field or write into it.  So the value
equivalent of your example is:

  avro_schema_t  person_schema;
  avro_value_iface_t  *person_iface;
  avro_value_t  person;
  avro_value_t  field;

  // Create value for record
  person_iface = avro_generic_class_from_schema(person_schema);
  avro_generic_value_new(person_iface, &person);

  // Set field value in record
  avro_value_get_by_name(&person, "ID", &field, NULL);
  avro_value_set_long(&field, ++id);


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