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From Venkat <vramac...@ymail.com>
Subject Avro file - Seek to specific offset and read
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 20:23:30 GMT
Hi All,

Using DataFileReader, I'm trying to read data from a specific [start-offset] to an [end-offset].
Both the start and end offsets are marked with synchronization markers using DataFileWriter.sync()

The following is the snipped I use to read the data back:

        DataFileReader<GenericRecord> fileReader = new DataFileReader<GenericRecord>(input,
        fileReader.seek(startOffset);  // set to the start-offset       

        while(fileReader.hasNext() && !fileReader.pastSync(endOffset))
            GenericRecord gr = fileReader.next();

This, however, reads & returns more records than what I wrote between the two offsets.

Appreciate your help regarding this.


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