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From Terry Healy <the...@bnl.gov>
Subject Re: AVRO threatening to ruin Christmas
Date Fri, 21 Dec 2012 19:44:01 GMT

I have tried to use that Test as a reference, but being new to this I
can't reconcile the "missing" mapper or bridge the gap in my mind
between a SequenceFile input rather than an Avro file. So I still wind
up with the "AvroFlowWritable cannot be cast to
org.apache.avro.generic.IndexedRecord" exception.

Have a good Christmas - maybe I'll get an Avro book.


On 12/21/2012 02:09 PM, Doug Cutting wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 9:56 AM, Terry Healy <thealy@bnl.gov> wrote:
>> "For jobs
>> whose input is an Avro data file and which use an AvroMapper, but whose
>> reducer is a non-Avro Reducer and whose output is a non-Avro format:".
> [ ...]
>>     public static class AvroFlowReducer extends AvroReducer
> It looks to me like your reducer is an Avro reducer when in this case
> you should instead subclass org.apache.hadoop,mapred.Reducer.
> An example of this is in TestSequenceFileReader#testNonAvroReducer:
> http://s.apache.org/testnonavroreducer
> I hope this helps.
> Doug

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