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From Martin Kleppmann <mar...@rapportive.com>
Subject Avrodoc: browsable documentation for Avro schemas
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 15:05:49 GMT
Hello Avro world,

A while ago I had some frustration trying to understand a complex Avro
schema, a JSON file thousands of lines long, with many nested record
types. I ended up using regexes in vim to manually transform it into
something readable. I wondered: why isn't there something like
Javadoc, but for Avro schemas?

So I built the tool that I wanted: https://github.com/ept/avrodoc

Avrodoc is still at an early stage, but it already does the job of
giving you Javadoc-like browsable documentation for Avro schemata.
Check the demo on the website, try it yourself, and I'd love to hear
any feedback!


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