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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Avro Release 1.7.2
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 17:33:05 GMT
I'd like to announce the availability of Avro release 1.7.2.

Changes included are:


    AVRO-806.  Add specification of the Trevni columnar file format
    and a Java implementation of it. (cutting)


    AVRO-1146. Java: Serialize several built-in Java classes as
    strings, including BigDecimal, BigInteger, URI, URL, Date and
    File.  (Alexandre Normand and cutting)

    AVRO-1147. Java: Permit stringable map keys in reflect.
    (Alexandre Normand)

    AVRO-1151. Netty Avro server should expose the number of connections
    currently open. (Hari Shreedharan via tomwhite)

    AVRO-1149. Java: Add a constructor to generated classes with all
    fields as parameters. (Gabriel Reid via cutting)

    AVRO-1138. C: Add function for opening existing data file with non-default
    block size.  (Maxim Pugachev via dcreager)

    AVRO-1129. C: Detect when avro_schema_decref frees schema.
    (Maxim Pugachev via dcreager)

    AVRO-1162. Java: Extend AvroKeyValueOutputFormat to support
    reflection.  (Alexandre Normand via cutting)

    AVRO-1142. Clarify Snappy block compression in specification. (cutting)


    AVRO-1128. Java: Fix SpecificRecordBase#equals() to work for
    records that contain maps.  (cutting)

    AVRO-1131. Generated build makefiles for MSYS/MinGW use Visual
    Studio compiler flags (Laurent Moss via thiru)

    AVRO-1103. Java: Fix SpecificData and mapreduce to use correct
    classloader. (cutting)

    AVRO-1135. Avro C++ fails to build on Mac. (thiru)

    AVRO-1140. Buffer.hh includes Config.hh without "../" (Jan van der
    Lugt via thiru)

    AVRO-1141. Avro data files are created without O_TRUNC (Martin
    Nagy via thiru)

    AVRO-1143. avrogencpp generates $Undefined$ for some union types (thiru)

    AVRO-1152. Java: Fix TestTraceSingletons for Java 7. (cutting)

    AVRO-1111. Malformed data can cause OutOfMemoryError in Avro IPC.
    (Mike Percy via tomwhite)

    AVRO-1155. Stringable Date test in TestReflect fails if timezone doesn't
    match locale's default. Removed Date from built-in stringables. (tomwhite)

    AVRO-851. Java: Fix a bug in GenericData#toString() when escaping
    characters. (Jeff Mesnil via cutting)

    AVRO-1154. Java: Fix NettyTransciever to not hang when the server
    is stopped. (Karel Vervaeke & Bruno Dumon via cutting)

    AVRO-1158. C: Fixed infinite loop in deflate decompression codec.
    (Lucas Martin-King via dcreager)

    AVRO-1159. C: Check union discriminants in avro_value_read.
    (Lucas Martin-King via dcreager)

    AVRO-1160. C: Better error reporting in avrocat.  (Lucas Martin-King
    via dcreager)

    AVRO-1166. Java: Fix bug in SpecificData.getSchema(Map). (George
    Fletcher via cutting)

    AVRO-1150. Java: Fix tests to create all temporary files in target
    directories.  (Gabriel Reid via cutting)

    AVRO-1164. C: Clean up valgrind warnings in test_avro_schema test case.
    (Vivek Nadkarni via dcreager)

    AVRO-1165. C: Fix memory leak in generic value implementations involving
    LINK schemas.  (Vivek Nadkarni via dcreager)

    AVRO-1161. C: Fix memory leak in avro{append,cat,mod,pipe} (dcreager)

This release can be downloaded from:


Java jar files are available from Maven Central.  Ruby artifacts are at
RubyGems.  Python is at PyPi.

Thanks to everyone for contributing!


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