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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Avro Release 1.7.1
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 21:55:20 GMT
I'd like to announce the availability of Avro release 1.7.1.

Changes included are:


    AVRO-1106. Java: Add AvroMultipleOutputs for newer mapreduce API.
    (Ashish Nagavaram via cutting)

    AVRO-1112. Java: Add support for Snappy codec to newer mapreduce API.
    (Matt Mead via cutting)

    AVRO-1108. Java: Add support for reflect API to newer mapreduce API.

    AVRO-1104. C: avroappend utility. (Lucas Martin-King via dcreager)

    AVRO-1117. C: avro_file_writer_create_with_codec_fp and
    avro_file_writer_create_with_fp functions, with should_close parameter.
    (Lucas Martin-King via dcreager)


    AVRO-1120. Let AvroMultipleOutput jobs use multiple schemas with
    map-only jobs. (Ashish Nagavaram via cutting)

    AVRO-1119. Java: Permit NettyServer to be used with SSL.
    (Sebastian Ortega via cutting)

    AVRO-1125. Java: Remove un-needed warning about reflect API. (cutting)


    AVRO-1114. Java: Update license headers for new mapreduce code.  (cutting)

    AVRO-1069. Java: Fix HttpTransceiver to close streams. (cutting)

    AVRO-1115. C: Fix crash error in codec cleanup code. (Maxim Pugachev via

    AVRO-1116. C++ code crashes on Data files with no data. (thiru)

    AVRO-1109. CSharp specific fails on multidimensional arrays.
    (Mark Farnan via thiru)

This release can be downloaded from:


Java jar files are available from Maven Central.  Ruby artifacts are at
RubyGems.  Python is at PyPi.

Thanks to everyone for contributing!


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