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From Jeremy Lewi <jer...@lewi.us>
Subject SpecificData.deepCopy exception with CDH4
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2012 01:59:22 GMT
hi avro-users,

I'm getting the following exception when using avro 1.6.1 with CDH4.

The offending code is
GraphNodeData copy =
(GraphNodeData) SpecificData.get().deepCopy(data.getSchema(), data);

where GraphNodeData is a class generated from my AVRO record.

The code runs just fine on CDH3. I tried rebuilding AVRO from source and
installing it my local repo because of a previous post that said Avro 1.6.1
in maven had been built against CDH3. I also deleted all the avro jar files
I found in

Any ideas? Thanks?

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