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From kafka0102 kafka0102 <yujianjia0...@gmail.com>
Subject encoding problem for ruby client
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2012 11:59:17 GMT
I use avro's java and ruby clients. When they comunite, the ruby client
always encode(decode) the multi-byte chars(utf-8) to latin1. For now, when
the data is multi-byte chars,I first encode Iconv.conv("UTF8",
"LATIN1",data) in the ruby client, and then decoded it  Utils.conv(data,
"ISO-8859-1","UTF-8"); in the java server.It works,but too ugly. I see the
avro ruby client using StringIO to pack the data, but I cannot find ways to
make it support multi-byte chars.
Can anyone help me?

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