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From Frank Grimes <frankgrime...@gmail.com>
Subject Can spill to disk be in compressed Avro format to reduce I/O?
Date Thu, 12 Jan 2012 16:27:33 GMT
Hi All,

We have Avro data files in HDFS which are compressed using the Deflate codec.
We have written an M/R job using the Avro Mapred API to combine those files.

It seems to be working fine, however when we run it we notice that the temporary work area
(spills, etc) seem to be uncompressed.
We're thinking we might see a speedup due to reduced I/O if the temporary files are compressed
as well.

Is there a way to enable "mapred.compress.map.output" in such a way that those temporary files
are compressed as Avro/Deflate?
I tried simply setting conf.setBoolean("mapred.compress.map.output", true); but it didn't
seem to have any effect.

Note that in order to avoid unnecessary sorting overhead, I made each key a constant (1L)
so that the logs are combined but ordering isn't necessarily preserved. (we don't care about

FYI, here are my mapper and reducer.

	public static class AvroReachMapper extends AvroMapper<DeliveryLogEvent, Pair<Long,
DeliveryLogEvent>> {
		public void map(DeliveryLogEvent levent, AvroCollector<Pair<Long, DeliveryLogEvent>>
collector, Reporter reporter)
			throws IOException {
			collector.collect(new Pair<Long, DeliveryLogEvent>(1L, levent));
	public static class Reduce extends AvroReducer<Long, DeliveryLogEvent, DeliveryLogEvent>

		public void reduce(Long key, Iterable<DeliveryLogEvent> values,
				AvroCollector<DeliveryLogEvent> collector, Reporter reporter)
				throws IOException {

			for (DeliveryLogEvent event : values) {


Also, I'm setting the following:

	AvroJob.setInputSchema(conf, DeliveryLogEvent.SCHEMA$);
	AvroJob.setMapperClass(conf, Mapper.class);
	AvroJob.setMapOutputSchema(conf, SCHEMA);
	AvroJob.setOutputSchema(conf, DeliveryLogEvent.SCHEMA$);
	AvroJob.setOutputCodec(conf, DataFileConstants.DEFLATE_CODEC);
	AvroOutputFormat.setDeflateLevel(conf, 9);
	AvroOutputFormat.setSyncInterval(conf, 1024 * 256);

	AvroJob.setReducerClass(conf, Reducer.class);


Frank Grimes
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