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From Douglas Creager <doug...@creagertino.net>
Subject Re: Getting started with Avro + Reading from an Avro formatted file
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 21:00:00 GMT
> Also my understanding is that I must 'install' or deploy Avro before I can try out the
C bindings suggested by Douglas. I am stating this since I am not exactly clear by what this
meant: -  "especially since the C bindings don't have any library dependencies to install".
I am assuming it means, I don't need anything beyond a basic install of Avro.

Sorry about the misunderstanding.  And you're right — you'd need to download, compile, and
install the Avro C bindings, but they don't require any *additional* libraries to be installed.
 It's a pretty standard set of CMake build scripts, and there's an INSTALL file in the tarball
containing more detailed instructions.

(I should also point out that in the next release, 1.6.2, the C bindings will support the
zlib and lzma compression codecs.  You'll need to have the zlib and xz/lzma libraries installed
for those to work.  If you don't have those libraries, you can still install the Avro C bindings;
you just won't be able to read or write Avro data files that use the corresponding codecs.)


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