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From Leonardo Urbina <lurb...@mit.edu>
Subject Hadoop Serialization: Avro
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2011 23:03:59 GMT
Hey everyone,

First time posting to the list> I have posted this in the hadoop user
mailing list and haven't gotten any responses yet. Any help would be

I'm currently writing a hadoop job that will run daily and whose output
will be part of the part of the next day's input. Also, the output will
potentially be read by other programs for later analysis. Since my
program's output is used as part of the next day's input, it would be nice
if it was stored in some binary format that is easy to read the next time
around. But this format also needs to be readable by other outside
programs, not necessarily written in Java. After searching for a while it
seems that Avro is what I want to be using. In any case, I have been
looking around for a while and I can't seem to find a single example of how
to use Avro within a Hadoop job.

It seems that in order to use Avro I need to change the io.serializations
value, however I don't know which value should be specified. Furthermore, I
found that there are classes Avro{Input,Output}Format but these use a
series of other Avro classes which, as far as I understand, seem need the
use of other Avro classes such as AvroWrapper, AvroKey, AvroValue, and as
far as I am concerned Avro* (with * replaced with pretty much any Hadoop
class name). It seems however that these are used so that the Avro format
is used throughout the Hadoop process to pass objects around.

I just want to use Avro to save my output and read it again as input next
time around. So far I have been using SequenceFile{Input,Output}Format, and
have implemented the Writable interface in the relevant classes, however
this is not portable to other languages. Is there a way to use Avro without
a substantial rewrite (using Avro* classes) of my Hadoop job? Thanks in


Leo Urbina
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Department of Mathematics

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