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From Joseph Crotty <josephcro...@gmail.com>
Subject which avro implementation for perl script generated cluster data files?
Date Sat, 29 Oct 2011 15:37:59 GMT
I have roughly ten or so one off perl scripts that generate various custom
data files that are placed onto hdfs gzipped for further processing by Pig,
MR, etc.  Ideally, the files would be avro, but there is no current easily
usable perl implementation available (e.g., the one
contender<https://github.com/yannk/perl-avro> is
undocumented, stale and disorderly). Any suggestion on getting the files to
avro? Sure, I could re-write all the perl jobs in Ruby/Python, but that
seems a far stretch given most are not trivial.  Anyone aware of any work
currently in progress to write a perl implementation?

Note, I am happy to post on the dev channel. If this is the wrong spot just
let me know.

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