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From Andrew Kenworthy <adwkenwor...@yahoo.com>
Subject ThriftDatumReader and null values (Tag 1.6.0-rc0)
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2011 07:59:18 GMT

I'm trying out the latest Avro tag (1.6.0-rc0) as the new ThriftDatumReader/Writer classes
look really interesting (we currently receive thrift files as input for our hadoop jobs and
would like to convert them to avro format as early as possible, and then use avro (de-)serialisation
throughout our job stack).

I have tried out the test case (TestThrift) and it works fine until I comment out the line:


at which point the test fails as null values don't seem to be allowed. Is this intentional
or is there something basic that I have not understood?  


Andrew Kenworthy
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