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From Matt Pouttu-Clarke <Matt.Pouttu-Cla...@icrossing.com>
Subject Can we get a Hadoop record reader with GenericDatumReader support?
Date Thu, 22 Sep 2011 18:23:25 GMT
Hi All,

On our project we use the schema evolution features of Avro, and we also
need to select data without knowing the Schema(s) a priori.  In other words
we have a large number of Avro files with an evolving schema, and we may
project with any historical schema, or not project any schema at all.  In
the case of not being able to specify a specific schema, we could not find a
RecordReader which supports GenericDatumReader.  Since we are using
Cascading.Avro to hide the Avro plumbing, we created a patch to
Cascading.Avro, providing a generic record reader.   This is obviously a
temporary fix as we would prefer that this support existed within Avro

Can anyone suggest a more elegant solution, source code below...


    public class CascadingAvroRecordReader<T>
        implements RecordReader<AvroWrapper<T>, NullWritable>

        private FsInput in;
        private DataFileReader<T> reader;
        private long start;
        private long end;

        public CascadingAvroRecordReader(JobConf job, FileSplit split)
        throws IOException
            this.in = new FsInput(split.getPath(), job);
            this.reader = new DataFileReader<T>(in, new
            reader.sync(split.getStart());                    // sync to
            this.start = in.tell();
            this.end = split.getStart() + split.getLength();

        public AvroWrapper<T> createKey() {
            return new AvroWrapper<T>(null);
        public NullWritable createValue() { return NullWritable.get(); }
        public boolean next(AvroWrapper<T> wrapper, NullWritable ignore)
        throws IOException {
            if (!reader.hasNext() || reader.pastSync(end))
                return false;
            return true;
        public float getProgress() throws IOException {
            if (end == start) {
                return 0.0f;
            } else {
                return Math.min(1.0f, (in.tell() - start) / (float)(end -
        public long getPos() throws IOException {
            return in.tell();
        public void close() throws IOException { reader.close(); }


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