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From Yang <teddyyyy...@gmail.com>
Subject inheritance implementation?
Date Tue, 31 May 2011 18:33:32 GMT
I understand that avro does not have inheritance now, so I am wondering what
is the best way to achieve the following goal:

I define Apple, Orange, and Fruit. Apple and Orange should ideally derive
from Fruit, but since there is no built-in mechanism,
we create an internal member for aboth Apple and Orange, encapsulating the
contents of Orangle

Apple :{
Fruit: fruit_member

string: pattern_on_skin

Orange : {

Fruit: fruit_member

string: skin_thickness

Fruit: {
int : size,
string: color
int: weight

say I want to pass objects of both Apple and Orange to some scale to measure
the total weight,
I can pass them just as Objects,

int findTotalWeight(List<Object> l ) {

    int result=0;
    for(Object o : l ) {
       result += ???????  <============ somehow get access to the
fruit_member var ??

so what is the best way to fill in the line above with "<====" ? doing a lot
of instanceof  is kind of cumbersome


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