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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Avro C] Interoperability with Java
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 19:18:30 GMT
On 01/04/2011 02:53 AM, Gilles Gaillard wrote:
> Our requirements do not include to have a full 'block-mode' RPC and
> therefore we would be happy with an asynchronous mode where no return
> value is expected when a message is sent. So using the IDL, that's
> equivalent to defining messages as methods with a void return value.

For fire-and-forget semantics, in addition to returning void and 
declaring no errors, you should add '"one-way": true' to message 
declarations.  A handshake request is still required before the first 
request on a connection.  The simplest handshake implementation would 
always send the client's protocol (clientProtocol!=null).  The server 
should then respond with either match=BOTH or match=NONE.  If you'll 
never receive responses, you can ignore the rest of the handshake 
response.  After the handshake, if all messages are one-way, the server 
will never write any more data over the connection.


Also, implementing the anonymous SASL mechanism is easy and 
future-proofs your wire format should you ever wish to add 
authentication or encryption:


> - On August 25, there were commits reverted in preparation for 1.4.0
> branch (949400, 947962, 947389, 947385, and 947299) for AVRO-441,
> AVRO-464, AVRO-466, AVRO-549, and AVRO-552. Do you plan to plan to
> incorporate them back in a near future - since the branch for 1.4.x
> now exists ?
> Specifically:
> AVRO-551 / 552 - Build for Win32
> AVRO-549 - Route memory management through an allocator interface

Bruce told me then that these changes were incomplete and not ready for 
release.  We're now preparing for a 1.5 release.  Bruce, should we 
re-introduce these changes now?

> My understanding is that such framing does not exists in Avro-C. Has
> anybody already written this or have stub for it (and similar for
> decoding) ?

Not to my knowledge.  Bruce?  Matt?


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