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From Mark Lewandowski <mark.e.lewandow...@gmail.com>
Subject what's the purpose of one-way, and why does it cause problems with python?
Date Sat, 30 Oct 2010 02:28:11 GMT
I'm writing a python app to talk to flume using the new avroSource feature,
and I'm running into an issue when when communicating between flume (written
in java) and my python script.  I've taken the flume.avpr schema file from
flume and used it to communicate between two python processes without any
problems, but as soon as I try to communicate with flume I get an error

    org.apache.avro.AvroRuntimeException: Not both one-way: append

I can't find any mention of the one-way flag in the python bindings for
avro, so I'm guessing that this flag is not getting set when the rpc call is
sent across the wire, causing Responder.java to throw the above exception.
I've checked, and the java implementation of ipc.Responder checks to see
that both the local and remote messages oneWay property are set to identical

I've been stuck on this problem for a day now, so any help would be greatly



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