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From Ian Kallen <spida...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Why does the Python client use httplib?
Date Thu, 26 Aug 2010 05:59:56 GMT
  Perhaps this doesn't have bearing on it's use in avro but as I recall, 
urllib2's redirect handling is braindead.  IIRC, a redirected HEAD 
request gets turned into a a GET; whereas there was no big obstacle in 
homebrewing redirect following on top of httplib (or, wait, was that 
httplib2? sigh).

On 8/25/10 5:54 PM, R. Tyler Ballance wrote:
> I need HTTP redirect support for the Python RPC library, so I've added it[0]
> but the change required dropping httplib in favor of just using urllib2.
> I'm wondering if there was any specific reason for using httplib over urllib2
> in the first place?
> [0] http://github.com/rtyler/avro/tree/1.3.3-redirect
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