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From Eelco Hillenius <eelco.hillen...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: user experience
Date Wed, 02 Sep 2009 17:30:06 GMT
> I've found that generating classes with the specific API is both simpler and
> faster.  In particular, if you have a set of related classes, use a
> method-free protocol file (.avpr) to define them.  The Java classes are
> generated by an Ant task.

The reason we don't want to go for the specific API is because we like
our development process to be as minimal as possible, and that
includes avoiding code generation where we can. We're with fine paying
a performance penalty for that, especially since for our purposes Avro
with reflection is definitively fast (and compact) enough. And the
nice thing about Avro is that if certain records turn out to be
bottlenecks, we can always turn them into specific ones.

My 2c,


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