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From Nges B <nges.br...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: A proposal on the Documentation of the C API
Date Wed, 17 Feb 2016 12:24:35 GMT
I will like to know how far we have gone with the application for the
GSOC Project I proposed earlier this year.
That is Documentation and development of  specific value interface or
Documentation and development of the RPC for the C API.
I think I am up to the task to execute this project to the end if
given the opportunity.
Thanks and waiting to hear from you.

On 1/25/16, Nges B <nges.brian@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks you rb.
> I see loads of resources that I can start looking at.
> Hoping that they will help me.
> Thanks
> On 1/25/16, Ryan Blue <blue@cloudera.com> wrote:
>> Nges,
>> The existing documentation is published here:
>>    https://avro.apache.org/docs/current/
>> That's built during the release process from several sources:
>> * Javadoc
>> * Apache Forrest for the overall site
>> * Asciidoc for the C API
>> * Doxygen for C++ and C#
>> The C API:
>>    Published: https://avro.apache.org/docs/current/api/c/index.html
>>    Source:
>> https://github.com/apache/avro/blob/trunk/lang/c/docs/index.txt
>> Docs are built and then copied into the right directory in build.sh:
>>    https://github.com/apache/avro/blob/trunk/lang/c/build.sh#L81
>> You can add docs by following the same idea, build in the "dist" command
>> and copy the HTML output (from asciidoc, doxygen, etc.) into the docs
>> directory.
>> Thanks for your contributions!
>> rb
>> On 01/25/2016 04:10 AM, Nges B wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> Please I will like to request for any existing Documentary, User
>>> Manual, links or any related Material that can help me prepare and
>>> start work on this project.
>>> Thanks and Cheers
>>> On 1/22/16, Nges B <nges.brian@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> Thanks Sam and Derick.
>>>> I appreciate your replies and I will like to do GSOC on this API.
>>>> I see with you sam. Adding any of the above mentioned will be a better
>>>> deal and makes it a more powerful project.
>>>> I prefer the Interface as well and will like to start  work on it as
>>>> early as possible. But I will not hesitate to also work on the RPC as
>>>> well. I will like to know what this project can be  better made up of.
>>>> Documentation and Interface or Documentation and RPC.
>>>> I will like to start doing work on this project as soon as possible.
>>>> Hopefully and depend on the power of this project and its contribution
>>>> to this API I ma sure the GSOC reviewers  will approve it as a project
>>>> for 2016.
>>>> Thanks and cheers
>>>> On 1/22/16, Alangi Derick <alangiderick@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> Wow, thats a great idea. I think documenting the entire C API will
>>>>> really be a good thing to do. A whole API like that without
>>>>> documentation is not really cool so if someone can opt to do this then
>>>>> its really great. I like the idea Nges B and i will really like you to
>>>>> work on it.
>>>>> Lets here what the guys in Apache have to say about this, i think its
>>>>> a good GSoC project for 2016, but we still have to hear from the
>>>>> Apache Guru's. Keep working Nges.
>>>>> Cheers!!!!
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Alangi Derick Ndimnain
>>>>> On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 8:51 PM, Sam Groth
>>>>> <sgroth@yahoo-inc.com.invalid>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> As someone who has written extensive Avro C docs (unfortunately mixed
>>>>>> with
>>>>>> proprietary info), I think this would be great addition to the Avro
>>>>>> project. I don't know if it is enough work for a summer project
>>>>>> though.
>>>>>> Adding a specific value interface similar to Java or C++'s specific
>>>>>> record
>>>>>> interface or adding an rpc interface would be a nice addition to
>>>>>> C
>>>>>> interface. Maybe you could consider writing docs and implementing
>>>>>> of
>>>>>> these? A specific value interface would be more useful for me, but
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> rpc
>>>>>> interface could be more useful for others. I'm not sure what GSOC
>>>>>> reviewers will look for. It might depend on whether someone at Google
>>>>>> is
>>>>>> interested in Avro.
>>>>>> Just some thoughts,Sam
>>>>>>      On Friday, January 22, 2016 8:16 AM, Nges B
>>>>>> <nges.brian@gmail.com>
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>>   Hello
>>>>>> I do not know whether this is the right play for this proposal.
>>>>>> I am a C and C++ developer.
>>>>>> I have been in this organization for more than 4months. I have
>>>>>> discovered
>>>>>> the following about the C API;
>>>>>> Firstly the C API is seldom used or spoken about on this mailing
>>>>>> list.
>>>>>> Secondly there are no bugs on this API on the Bug track. I  therefore
>>>>>> came to the  conclude that few people use this API.
>>>>>> with the above mentioned points I asked myself this question. as
>>>>>> powerful as C is, why is this API left behind?
>>>>>> After studies and research,
>>>>>> I concluded that this might be because of the lack of a Documentation
>>>>>> on the latest version of this  API.
>>>>>> I think with a Documentation on this API, it is going to go a long
>>>>>> way
>>>>>> to increase and ease the use of this Powerful API.
>>>>>> Therefore I will like to propose this as a Google Summer of Code
>>>>>> Project( GSOC Project) for myself.
>>>>>> I will like to start working on it right know if given the
>>>>>> opportunity to so that by then I should have very little work to
>>>>>> Please I will like to know your minds about this proposal and to
>>>>>> whether this project can stand a chance to be selected as a GSOC
>>>>>> Project for this year?.
>>>>>> I will really like to work on this API and contribute to it as much
>>>>>> as
>>>>>> I
>>>>>> can.
>>>>>> Thanks and Cheers
>> --
>> Ryan Blue
>> Software Engineer
>> Cloudera, Inc.

"it is good to dream and work for the dreams than not to dream"

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