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From Ryan Blue <b...@apache.org>
Subject Release and code management
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2015 17:18:47 GMT
Hi everyone,

Right now we keep all of the language implementations in SVN together 
and release everything in a single source release, which I think is 
getting a little awkward for releases. I'd like to discuss the idea of 
separating some of the languages out on their own and moving to Apache 
git servers instead of SVN.

The motivation for separating languages out is to allow quicker releases 
that aren't blocked on problems in other languages. For example, we 
recently found license documentation issues through most of the 
codebase. That's currently blocking the global 1.8.0 release until we 
have time to figure out how to fix the LICENSE and NOTICE included in 
each convenience binary artifact. That, in turn, is blocking downstream 
projects like parquet-avro that would like to depend on features in 1.8.0.

We're also seeing an influx of new implementations: Microsoft has pinged 
the issue to donate their C# implementation, Miki Tebeka is interested 
in merging fastavro, and Matthieu Monsch has kindly offered a fast 
node-js implementation as well. These are great for expanding the 
community and I want to make sure these new projects aren't blocked when 
they are used to a faster release cycle.

I propose we allow implementations to use separate repositories, like 
avro-python or avro-java, and to make separate releases. This would 
allow some languages to have more agile release cycles and would allow 
us to version APIs more effectively, using semver for each language and 
fixing format compatibility at version 1.

Thoughts and discussion?


Ryan Blue

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