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From Scott Carey <sc...@richrelevance.com>
Subject Re: Generics question on compiler-generated Java classes
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 17:14:16 GMT
Yes, and it is also required to make it a valid map to begin with.
CharSequence's contract does not define hashCode and equals(), so a map
that does not contain uniformly typed keys is broken.

The issue is tracked here:

I do not believe anyone is currently working on it.  Most solutions would
be API changes and can't be in a patch release.

The Java code generation in Avro is done with templates, and one can use a
different template to change the generated class output as a work-around.

On 5/6/11 9:44 AM, "Alex Miller" <alex@puredanger.com> wrote:

>Hi, I've been dipping my toe in using Avro and I had a question about
>the compiler-generated Java classes.
>I notice that something like
>{"name": "Request",
> "type": "record",
>  "fields": [{"name": "params", "type": {"type":"map", "values":
>will generate a Request.java with a field like:
>   Map<CharSequence,CharSequence> params;
>which is annoying in many common uses of this class. For example this
>code won't compile:
>  Map<String,String> map = ... something I got from somewhere else...
>  request.params = map;  // compile error
>This could be avoided by instead declaring the type of params as:
>  Map<? extends CharSequence, ? extends CharSequence> params;
>and I think is more accurate.  It looks like this is a straightforward
>change in SpecificCompiler.javaType().  If this seems desirable, I'll
>log a bug and submit a patch.

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