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From Richard Graul <richard.gr...@g2-inc.com>
Subject Coding issues
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 12:56:05 GMT

I have been having strange deserialization issues.  I have a multiple
longs in my record and when I use a value of i*64 + 8, I get
deserialization issues.  What is interesting is that the errors occur
in different parts of the framework depending upon where I place the
long value in the record.  I have attempted to replicate the issue
with other schemas but other schemas work properly.  I am having
trouble identifying the root cause.  I get exceptions similar to
AVRO-503 with the array out of bounds exception on the symbol table
but I also get nio.ByteBuffer issues.  I did not want to submit this
as a bug yet as I don't have a simple repeating test case.  I am using


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