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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject [DISCUSS] Avro TLP?
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2010 21:09:46 GMT
I'd like to start a discussion about promoting Avro from a Hadoop 
sub-project to a top-level Apache project (TLP).

This is not yet a vote.  Once we have established general understanding 
and agreement, I'll call a vote.

I propose we move Avro from hadoop.apache.org/avro to avro.apache.org. 
Avro would then have it's own Project Management Committee (PMC) so that 
it can elect committers and create releases on its own.  Currently these 
actions require votes by the Hadoop PMC.  However I think Avro now has a 
sufficiently large, diverse and distinct community that it can fend for 

I suggest that initial Avro PMC consist of all active Avro committers at 
the time we make the formal proposal.  This is typical for new TLPs. 
(Subsequently PMCs tend to promote committers to the PMC.  The Hadoop 
PMC generally promotes committers to the PMC after a year of consistent 
activity, while some projects immediately add new committers to their 
PMC.  But we don't need to decide our policy for new PMC membership now, 
only the makeup of the initial PMC.)

I nominate myself as the initial chair of the Avro PMC, with the proviso 
that we adopt a policy of regular chair replacement.  I suggest that 
Avro PMC chairs serve a one or two-year term.  A PMC chair has no more 
power than other PMC members, but rather has a few more duties.  In 
particular, the chair must submit written quarterly reports to the board 
describing the health of the projects developer community.  The chair 
also maintains subversion permissions and committer account creation.

Do these proposal sound reasonable?  Any improvements or questions?

For some background, please read:


The steps I imagine are roughly:
  - discussion by Avro developers (what I'm starting here today)
  - vote by Avro developers
  - discussion by Hadoop PMC
  - vote by Hadoop PMC
  - draft resolution sent to board
  - board votes on resolution to form TLP

Formally, the board alone has the power to create a TLP: all prior steps 
are merely an ordered means to make the case to the board that all 
involved parties support such an action.



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