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From Doug Cutting <cutt...@apache.org>
Subject Re: RPC multiplexing
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:14:12 GMT
Thiruvalluvan M. G. wrote:
> Doug Cutting wrote:
>> Requiring servers to copy the call-id to responses 
>> is an incompatible change.  So is adding a magic number.
> Do we want to introduce these incompatible changes in 1.3? If yes, I can
> file a JIRA and work on it.

+1 to changing servers to copy the call-id.  We might also add an Avro 
version number to the request and response metadata too.

> Since the servers should anyway respect call-id, shall we also say that
> every request should have a call-id. The simple (synchronous) client may
> send the same id for every request. Since, with a synchronous client, there
> won't be more than one request outstanding at any given point in time,
> sending the same call-id is fine. This simplifies the protocol as there are
> no conditional elements in the request. This proposal makes the current
> client and server incompatible. Doug's original proposal makes only the
> server incompatible.

I don't think we should require clients to send a call id.  Permitting 
very simple clients is a useful feature.  (How many of us have telnetted 
to an HTTP server?)


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