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From Christopher Kohlhaas <kohlh...@bonn.edu>
Subject Re: [patches] Fortress and Event
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 04:40:01 GMT
Peter Royal [proyal@apache.org] wrote:
> questions on this one.. i see what you are getting at.. how about the 
> following approach:
> make LEAwareComponentHandler implement Disposable and call 
> ContainerUtil.dispose( componentHandler ) when its dispose is called.

Yes, but shouldn't LEAwareComponentHandler delegate all lifecycle
methods to the delegatee then. Is there any reason for not delegating
the complete lifecycle?

> for the queue bits, how about having AbstractComponentHandler keep 
> track of whether or not it has been disposed, and if so just ignore the 
> prepare request?

As a consequence of this modifications, either all possible
ComponentHandlers must extend AbstractComponentHandler or this
specific behaviour of prepareHandler (test for disposing and ignoring
if so) must be specified as a part of the ComponentHandler contract.

> if that sounds good, i can make the mods and commit.

Despite the issue I mentioned above your proposed changes will work
for me. Apply what you think fits best.



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