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From Greg Steuck <greg-avalon-phoe...@nest.cx>
Subject Re: Ability to hide assembly file complexity -
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 19:24:40 GMT
>>>>> "Howard" == Howard Henson <hhenson@aosl.co.za> writes:

    Howard> If there a way to rather be able to access a service
    Howard> registry where the service could be found dynamically and
    Howard> accessed dynamically?

You are talking about auto-assembly here. AFAIK Phoenix doesn't do this

    Howard> Also it seems like the assembly file and the @phoenix
    Howard> comments seem to be a duplication of effort. What was the
    Howard> thinking behind this?

KISS? You could use a separate tool to pre-generate tentative
assembly.xml from all components you want to include into your
system. This is in my opinion the best compromise between run time
simplicity and convenience. My experience with Phoenix so far didn't
show that assembly file creation is such a difficult undertaking.

    Howard> Along the same lines it does not seem sensible to not be
    Howard> able to use components in a self contained fashion,
    Howard> currently if I want to use a component I need to define the
    Howard> component and all components that the component relies on,
    Howard> etc. and then only can I define my component that makes use
    Howard> of the other component. If there were some way to define a
    Howard> standard use of a component with all the information that
    Howard> would exist in the assembly file for that component in a
    Howard> seperate file that can be included (like in a C #include) to
    Howard> facilitate simplier re-use.

XML external entities allow inclusion of external fragments into XML


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