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From Howard Henson <hhen...@aosl.co.za>
Subject RE: Phoenix - Jetty integration -
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 06:18:11 GMT
> I've been going though the sources and I noticed that the only 
> dependency on Phoenix is the dreaded BlockContext interface 
> and the only 
> usage of that interface is to get the base directory (inside the 
> JettyWebService.java source).  Do you think it would be 
> interesting to 
> abstract this to the Avalon Framework level, in which case the 
> application would be usable across a bunch of Avalon 
> container including 
> Tweety, Fortress and the amazing Merlin.  If you would like a 
> hand doing 
> this (about two of three lines of code) I could post a patch to you.

Sounds great.

> A couple of other questions - is this code Apache code (there isn't 
> license information in the source to confirm this).  Also, could you 
> confirm what the status of copyrigtht and ownership is with 
> respect to 
> the org.mortbay.* packages amnd the hhenson.* packages.

The code I contributed can be put into any licence style that makes everyone
happy. The code in org.mortbay belongs to mortbay and I believe is
distributed under an Artistic licence.



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