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From Peter Donald <pe...@realityforge.org>
Subject [patch] info/containerkit updates
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 08:46:29 GMT

This is a collection of all the previous patches to info/containerkit patches. 
After this is applied I am almost ready to start auto-assembly :)

It does a bunch of things. Basically it adds support for "Partitions" which 
are groupings of components that are operated on in concert. ie The listeners 
in phoenix would be one partition and the blocks would be another. Nothing 
particularly earth shattering and it essentially follows the design of HP's 

The patch also copies back the array/map dependency stuff from phoenix into 

It also adds the notion of attributes to the metadata/assembly declarations.

It also vastly imprves the memory management not requiring so many 
instantiations and dealing with nulls in some cases and defining empty arrays 
in others.

It also vastly improves the support for handling BlockInfo style metadata, 
including offering writing support.

Also implements proper mapping of phoenix style short names for schema (ie 
relax-ng) ro uri based names (ie http://www.relaxng ....). Which makes it 
easier to support a larger variety of schema languages to be used in the 

To apply do

$ cd jakarta-avalon-phoenix
$ patch -p0 < info-ck.txt
$ mv LegacyUtil.java 
$ mv LegacyBlockInfoWriter.java 
$ mv PartitionProfile.java 
$ mv ProfileBuilder.java 
$ mv PartitionMetaData.java 


Peter Donald
Why does everyone always overgeneralize?

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