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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [QUESTION] customizing an MBean view
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2002 12:13:35 GMT
Peter, Daniel,

I'm have a pending change for MX4J inside Phoenix to cope with the 
curently incompatible MX4J 1.1.1 fcs that comes out on monday.  Please 
hold off on changes to the xsl until then....

Yes, collections and arrays are handled well now.

- Paul

>It should be possible. I haven't looked into it but MX4J generates the 
>webpages via an xsl transform. You should be able to modify the xsl sheet and 
>drop it into jakarta-avalon-phoenix/src/mx4j/xsl/ and it will hopefully be 
>copied to the correct place (though you may need a slight mod to build.xml). 
>As to what you need to change in the xsl sheet - I am not sure ;) I would have 
>to go through it and I am no xsl wiz - best to ask on the mx4j user list.
>On Sun, 27 Oct 2002 06:31, Daniel S. Haischt wrote:
>>this might be slightly off-topic because it is a MX4J
>>question ...
>>is it possible to render attributes that return a
>>collection or an array as a HTML <selection> element
>>within the Phoenix HTML management interface?
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