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From Johan Sjöberg <johan.sjob...@avaintec.com>
Subject Re: Phoenix 4.0.1 preview release
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 07:25:58 GMT

Paul Hammant wrote:
> Leif
>>> To start a service they usually go to the Service Console and start 
>>> it from there. At least thats what I have noticed (though my windows 
>>> usage is minimal).
>> Actually, I always use the net start/stop commands.  It is way too 
>> many steps to go all the way into
>> the control panel's services panel.
> I'll do either of the above.
> My point is that a batch file that that has 'net start phoenix' somewhat 
> obscures the simplicity of the Windows commands.

I didn't mean files with, "net stop phoenix" and "net start phoenix" in. 
I was thinking of, let's say Leif's batch files versus one BIG file with 
all the same information, but the file is called with parameters. Note 
that this big file doesn't exist yet ;)

Personally I'm OK with Leif's files. I haven't tested very much though, 
but they look good.

Why... because if I want to remove the service, install it again or just 
run Phoenix in a console I open Phoenix's install directory in a file 
explorer and click on the files. I have seen other developers do that 
too when testing etc. On a production system I wound naturally use the 
service. Personally I write net stop XXX in a console, but that doesn't 
matter as the service is there and can be controlled in any way Windows 
lets you control it. In the future we can perhaps just tell the computer 
"Stop Phoenix" and it will do it... then I wouldn't open a CMD anymore.


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