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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Phoenix 4.0.1 preview release
Date Mon, 14 Oct 2002 06:32:39 GMT

>> To start a service they usually go to the Service Console and start 
>> it from there. At least thats what I have noticed (though my windows 
>> usage is minimal).
> Actually, I always use the net start/stop commands.  It is way too 
> many steps to go all the way into
> the control panel's services panel.

I'll do either of the above.

My point is that a batch file that that has 'net start phoenix' somewhat 
obscures the simplicity of the Windows commands.

> As for the concerns about multiple versions of Phoenix on the same 
> machine.  That can be
> enabled by changing the wrapper.ntservice.name property in the 
> wrapper.conf file.  This name
> is used to register the service.  It is what will show up in the 
> service control panel. And is also
> the name that can be used from the net start/stop commands.   I think 
> the default name should
> simply be Phoenix.  But it is easy for developers to change it when 
> they need to run multiple
> copies.

If that is the case then, we should make a way for the phoenix batch 
file to read the property name from the ../conf/wrapper.conf file.

> When James updates to this version, they would want to change the 
> wrapper.ntservice.name
> to James for example.  This way users would see "James" in the 
> Services control panel and
> be able to start and stop the service from the command line using "net 
> start James" and
> "net stop James"

The Phoenix in James CVS, does in fact use James for the service name (I 
did the commit).  I've retired from James team support now so another 
will have to do it.

In the long term though I would hope that the James team only make a SAR 
file available for download and do not use their internal Phoenix.  

- Paul

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