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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Phoenix 4.0.1 preview release
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 21:27:26 GMT


It includes ..

* better logging and backwards compatability
* An updated MX4J (actually from their CVS HEAD) with serious bugs fixed.
* Actual delete of the contents of the work/ directory on start.
* Wrapper 2.2.8 (Windows only) for thunking into the Windows services panel.

This is compatible with all the usual SAR files including the incredibly 
exiting Catalina SAR (Sevak-Catalina from Daniel K).

When the MX4J team release 1.1.1, we'll do the same for 4.0.1 formally. 
 This URL is for those that want to see the changes now and can't wait a 
few days.  

I've not uploaded the source as the build.xml will try to get the MX4J 
1.1 release which is no longer compatible.  I have also not committed 
the changed build.xml for the same reason, unless people are willing to 
make some manual jar replacements after the 'get-mx4j' target.

Maybe if we can be brave with the inclusion of the MX4J jars, I could 
date suffix them as we do with other jars.  We don't as we are unsure 
that the MX4J project is correctly licensing the javax.management 
classes.  At least that is why I think we are not uploading the jars to 


- Paul

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