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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Logging in Phoenix
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2002 20:12:59 GMT

1. Implementing LogEnabled is enough dude to avoid extending 
AbstractLogEnabled, but I think you ask about more complex cases.

2. Other people ask for this too.  The standard way (for the time being) 
is to change the logger impl in kernel.conf.  To have a custom phoenix 
if you like.

Or is it that you are asking to use Log4J in classes that redirects thru 
to the Avalon logger.  I think that is not possible without forking your 
own log4j.

3.  Over to others,

4. Some describe Log4J as "pull" logging and LogKit (via 
Avalon-Framework) as "push" logging.  The latter is way better when 
considering Inversion of control, complex classloader trees and 
centralised configuration.  The former is better* when there is no 
container, all is in the primordial classloader and the the app is 
mainable.  *Others still think LogKit is better goven the properties 
file of Log4J.

5. Using google to look for the two will yield many a heated discussion.

- Paul

> Hi,
> a few questions related to logging in Phoenix:
> 1. what is the recommended way of enabling logging in classes that do 
> not extend AbstractLogEnabled,
> eg in helper type classes that do not necessarily fit into the Avalon 
> framework?
> One way I would see is to pass the Logger in the Context - provided 
> the helper class is Contextualizable.
> Any other hints or best practices?  What if one wishes to not 
> implement Contextualizable, ie the helper
> class is part of a different jar and one wants to keep separate from 
> the Avalon framework?
> 2. I assume that the default logger is Avalon Logkit.  I read it is 
> possible to use other loggers, such as log4j or
> JDK1.4, but have not found the information on how to configure Phoenix 
> to use these loggers.
> Does it work in a similar manner to commons-logging, ie one needs to 
> set a sysproperty?
> 3. logs version 1.1 vs 1.0:  it seems that 1.1 uses the Excalibur 
> Logger only for configuration, but still uses
> LogKit for logging.  Again, can this configuration be used with other 
> loggers, such as log4j?
> Is 1.1 the recommended version?
> 4. Log4j vs LogKit:  can anybody point me to some documentation (if 
> any) that compares the two and
> discusses their merits?  Not very clear to me what one offers over the 
> other.
> Thanks,
> Mauro
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