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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Phoenix and the Web
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 06:41:54 GMT
Daniel, Ulrich,

My take is that the Sevak interface (multihost or not) should provide 
essentially two methods for other blocks :

  deploy(host, context, WarFile-Or-War-Directory)
  undeploy(host, context)

If web applications hosted inside the particular Sevak impl need to 
access any other services hosted in the same JVM (blocks etc), they must 
do it via RMI/AltRMI or JNDI.  That thing will be a narowed servce like 

If the Sevak impl needs to avail of other blocks itself, then it should 
be written or rewrapped as a Servicable block and use service(..) to 
lookup the required components.

Given that we are wrapping all three containers, we know they are doing 
some dirty un-IoC stuff in their own impementation.  We can;t control 
that, and just have to live with it.  We can however not encourage 
futher damage, by limiting what the container exposes to other blocks.

On the subject of the management webapp or other applications deployed 
with Catalina, perhaps they should be taken out of the default 
Sevak-Catalina impl and put into an alternativel block called 
AdministratableCatalinaSevak or somesuch.  It extends CatalinaSevak. 
 The assembler chooses which one they deploy.



- Paul

>>Blocks can have dependencies on other blocks, when they are assembled in
>>one SAR. That is ok and does not break IOC, because Phoenix doesn't
>>control individual blocks, it controls SARs. However, when SARs start to
>>control other SARs, I think IoC is broken.
>The light goes ON!!!  I have been thinking too narrow and have been
>discussing Blocks rather than SARs.  I should probably go back and review
>our entire discussion...but too lazy/not enough time in a day.  How do SARs
>communicate with other SARs?  Through JMX?  Lets say we are implementing
>J2EE application server...how does the EJB Container (SAR) expose its
>components to the Web Container (SAR)?  Thus far I have thinking of the
>entire J2EE server as one large component (SAR) with multiple interacting
>Blocks (Sevak)
>As such, the way I have implemented Catalina Sevak does not need to expose
>any work interface to other Blocks...in fact no other Blocks are necessary.
>Have you (or anyone else) examined the Catalina Sevak implementation?  I
>just now looked at Jo and Jetty...they are quite simple in implementation in
>comparison.  Have I taken a completely errant path?
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