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From Johan Sjöberg <johan.sjob...@avaintec.com>
Subject Re: Placement of external libs/programs
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 07:45:56 GMT

Peter Donald wrote:
> I don't think we have a "standard" for where things are downloaded to. We 
> could download it to ./tools/X or ./X or even ../X - not sure. "../X" would 
> be better if they are large toolkits.

Would you mind agreeing on a standard way then? Or a supposed std way?

I don't like ./X as mx4j is downloaded now. It makes the structure even 
bigger than now. I see the point in ../X for large toolkits as you don't 
have to download them again if you do a clean checkout. This also 
results in new directories among your other projects, which I personally 
dislike, but I can live that.

How about

../X for really large toolkits


for smaller (normal) ones?

>><little off-topic>
>>You did a good job creating the wrapper. It works surprisingly well.
>></little off-topic>
> Yep it is great. At the time I found out about it it was leaps and bounds 
> above everything else (and I had looked).

I know ;) I have hit my head against some of those _else_.


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