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From Johan Sjöberg <johan.sjob...@avaintec.com>
Subject Re: Placement of external libs/programs
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 07:18:16 GMT

Peter Donald wrote:
>>I'm asking because I have been testing the Inno-setup tool that
>>Nicola-Ken suggested and I'm trying to get it working nicely with the
>>build system.
> kool.

It seems to work fairly well, but I have some minor issues with it 
still... I'll get back when it is ready for testing, if at all possible. 
I'm not rushing with this at all, as the whole point with it is to make 
installing and maintaing Phoenix easier. Especially for new people.

>>If this tool (or some other similar), or actually the setup compiler
>>would be included where should it be put? The same goes for the Wrapper
>>if that can be included at some point too.
> The way I would like to see it laid out is as follows. 
> Any reliable/stable jars/products should not be stored in CVS but are 
> downloaded from their download site. MX4J is already downloaded. We should be 
> downloading Wrapper and requiring it for our build but no ones got around to 
> that yet.

No prob, just some simple ant tasks for the wrapper.

> For things that are only used in building the product we should place them in 
> tools/ subdirectory.

E.g. the setup compiler in this case. There is a small problem though. 
At least with inno-setup. It is distributed as a windows setup EXE so it 
can't be downloaded and extracted. I think that at least the 
command-line compiler, some DLLs and the english language files would 
have to be included in CVS for this to run really smoothly.

OK, I know, if it is installed on _the_ windows build machine its dir 
could be included in ant.properties. BUT, that would make building a 
full dist even more cumbersome than now... this is probably the way to 
start though.

> If the jars are part of the server then they should be 
> placed in the lib/container directory. If the jars are used by hosted 
> applications aswell as the container they should be put in lib/ directory.

OK, the wrapper is part of the server, but not needed by the rest of it. 
All files are now in ./bin, but as Leif pointed out this is not so clean.


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