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From Leif Mortenson <l...@tanukisoftware.com>
Subject Re: Placement of external libs/programs
Date Sun, 29 Sep 2002 13:22:21 GMT
Johan Sjöberg wrote:

> Leif Mortenson wrote:
>> Currently, the location of Wrapper files in Phoenix is a little 
>> strange.  The wrapper.jar and Wrapper.DLL/libwrapper.so files are 
>> currently located in the {phoenix.home}/bin directory along with the 
>> binary files. This clutters things up a bit IMO.
>> A better way, which is actually the default for a Wrapper install. 
>> Would be to place the wrapper.jar and Wrapper.DLL/libwrapper.so files 
>> into a {phoenix.home}/lib directory.  That would make it easier to 
>> get using running
>> with the Wrapper is it fits with the Wrapper docs.
> True, but before building the distribution the Wrapper files have to 
> be somewhere so they can be copied to their right locations. Now we 
> have wrapper.home set in ant.properties. If the wrapper would be 
> included in the dist wrapper.home should to be somewhere under the cvs 
> structure for simplicity. ./tools/wrapper, ./lib/wrapper  or 
> something. If it can't be included in CVS for some reason (size?) an 
> ant download task could be added, but still the placement for tools 
> like this is unclear to me. If it would be included in all 
> distributions I guess ./lib and ./bin would be OK, but as this is not 
> the case... 

We did this for an inhouse project by creating native subdirectories 
which were checked into cvs.
Doing that made it possible to build all of the distributions on any 
platform without having to collect
lots of files.

Each one is actually quite small.  12xkb for Win32 and 8xkb for unix 
versions and the whole distribution is
not required.  The wrapper.jar file is also the same across all 
versions.  It may be desirable to include
Wrapper docs to help people with configuration?  Pointing them to the 
wrapper.sourceforge.net URL
would probably be good enough though.

> <little off-topic>
> You did a good job creating the wrapper. It works surprisingly well.
> </little off-topic> 

Thanks, appreciate that.


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