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From Johan Sjöberg <johan.sjob...@avaintec.com>
Subject [PATCH] Bad Exception constructor in SarPolicyResolver.java
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 19:54:31 GMT

Phoenix HEAD doesn't compile on JDK 1.3 due to line 105 in 

...SarPolicyResolver.java:105: cannot resolve symbol
     [javac] symbol  : constructor Exception 
     [javac] location: class java.lang.Exception
     [javac]             throw new Exception( message, e );
     [javac]                   ^
     [javac] 1 error

... patch included, but it is probably better to just fix this locally 
the way you want it, as I didn't check the meaning of the message and 
how the new Exception message would look in the log.


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