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From Johan Sjöberg <johan.sjob...@avaintec.com>
Subject Re: Stable branch
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 15:30:25 GMT

Peter Donald wrote:
> The only thing to think about doing (up to you really) is building multiple 
> releases with wrapper integrated. Ideally we would have a pure java release 
> and a wrapper release for windows. We could also do a linux/wrapper release 
> of Phoenix but that is less important now that we have the phoenix.sh script. 
> So I would focus on doing a win32 wrapper release of Phoenix. Thoughts?

Thanks Peter for bringing this up again.

If a Linux/Solaris wrapper distribution is useful, could all wrapper 
versions be included in one package? But... then again as you said, the 
new phoenix.sh script is really good so other versions than Win32 are 
probably not needed.

Does anyone use the wrapper with Phoenix on Linux or Solaris?

Paul, if you need help with this let me know. If you feel it shouldn't 
go into this release that is OK too, it can be added later or not at 
all. I DO think it will be very good for the project to have ready 
distributions for different operating systems. All the discussions about 
"How can I get my boss/manager to understand this and that" shows that.

If I get some extra spare time in the near future and if someone feels 
it is needed I might try to generate an RPM package of Phoenix or 
perhaps a small installation script for windows. I don't know if that is 
needed though... perhaps one can assume that most users can copy a 
directory and install phoenix with as as service if the wrapper is 
included... but you never know ;)



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