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From Igor Fedorenko <ifedore...@thinkdynamics.com>
Subject Re: Extending DefaultApplication
Date Sat, 07 Sep 2002 13:00:55 GMT
Peter Donald wrote:
> Hiya,
> On Sat, 7 Sep 2002 02:49, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
>>I need to extend DefaultApplication in order to setup "default" security
>>context for blocks. I am planning to introduce a factory of Application
>>instances, so one can configure non-default implementation of
>>Application interface (JaasApplication in my case). However, I have
>>noticed that DefaultApplication is final and all its supporting classes
>>(BlockEntry, BlockInvocationHandler and alike) are package protected and
>>final. Would  it be a problem if I relax these restructions, i.e. make
>>DefaultApplication non-final and make its supporting classes public
>>non-final as needed?
> Once upon a time we did allow multiple implementations of Application. We also 
> had a factory and all that. However we had quite a lot of probelsm when it 
> came to maintaining compatability because we guarentee no future 
> compatability for all the container classes. So I would prefer to avoid that 
> if possible. Can you tell me what you need and maybe we can provide a 
> mechanism for you to do what you want that we will be able to maintain.

I need to set default security context for components (a.k.a. blocks) to 
be used when components are *not* working on behalf of a user/external 
system. For example I have Startable component that starts new threads 
to monitor some external devices. When new information becomes available 
this component calls other components and it has to provide security 
credentials to perform these calls. Important point here is that the 
calls are initiated from inside the system, so there is no user/external 
system to authenticate.

Igor Fedorenko
Think smart. Think automated. Think Dynamics.

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